Elisa do brasil & X-Ray Production introduce

" Never give up "

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First single extracted from the new album of Elisa do Brasil planned for october 2012 !!!

X-Ray production is proud to announce the come back of the " drum'n'bass queen”: Elisa Do Brasil. The delightful Brazilian girl presents a foretaste of her new album " Rolling the dice" which will be released after the summer break.

As a first single, Elisa offers us a real explosion that is the perfect representation of the album. She likes to surprise her audience and proves us with verve that she masters electronic music in all its forms. The gorgeous DJ does not care about codes and genres; she opens her style to various tones.

This first single is a brilliant work with dubstep sounds, sublimated by the suave voice of the English singer MISS TROUBLE. Both powerful and subtle, " Never give up" starts with an exhilarating melody which transports us in a wonderful dream before being blown away by a thundering punch line. “Never give up” is her subliminal message that dives us into her universe full of hope.

True, deep and stimulating, “Never give up,” announces with all its power Elisa Do Brasil’s new album "Rolling the dice".

23/06 - Solidays // Paris
06/07 – La Mas// Puget Sur Argens +MISS TROUBLE
07/07 - Festival des Confluences // Coutras +MISS TROUBLE
14/07 - Biscarosse
21/07 - L'atabal // Biarritz
28/07 - Kab Usine // Genève
02/08 - Les Ecluses // Oléron
04/08 - Festival de Domaize
18/08 - Astropolis // Brest +MISS TROUBLE
24/08 - Festival Hierrock Sound +MISS TROUBLE
28/08 - Biscarosse
22/09 - Belgique
13/10 - Ferme de Gwernandour // Bretagne + MISS TROUBLE
26/10 - Lorient + MISS TROUBLE
27/10 - Loudéac + MISS TROUBLE
01/11 - Iboat // Bordeaux + MISS TROUBLE
02/11 - Lille + MISS TROUBLE
30 11 - Grenoble + MISS TROUBLE