Biga*Ranx & X-Ray Production present



The young prodigy of the dancehall stage releases his second part of the series of four opus called « The World of Biga*Ranx ».
After having met the Danish producers Maffi and their digital reggae, Biga*Ranx makes a strong comeback in collaboration with Ondubground; originally from Tours just like BIga*. This trio establishes itself as a dubstep discovery for the French stage next to artists like Kanka.
The ODG crew led by the charismatic Olo already took part in some works of Biga*Ranx’s first album “On Time” on the tracks Gipsy Rock or Brigante Life. As they are old friends, they have shared many times the stage and often worked together in studio.

This record makes a heavy start with the track “Set Me Free”, a significant title. Biga* likes to play with codes and swings between the styles that he cherishes without being labeled. He shows once more his incredible flow in the furious track with a Londoner tone “Depense on My Ting”.
Two classics of reggae music are revisited, with the Ondubground style, in the tracks “Mawdness” and “I Shoot the Dubstep”, in order to conclude this inroad into the wonderful world of dusbstep music!!

As usual, Biga*Ranx knows how to surprise and puts aside two volumes of this series called “The World Of Biga*Ranx”, also with a long-awaited collaboration with the Irish producers of Mungo’s Hi Fi collective.


23/05/12- Bikini // TOULOUSE
25/05/12 - Echonova // VANNES
02/06/12 - MJC // AUBAGNE
23/06/12 - Solidays
30/06/12 - VERDUN
20/07/12 - Théatre de Vienne // VIENNE
21/07/12 - Festival Agissons // LE MANS
03/08/12 - REGGAE SUN SKA
07/09/12 - Festival Roots Nation // LA CIOTAT
08/09/12 - Festival Trouhardoux // VIEUX BOURG
28/09/12 - Le Rack'am // BRETIGNY SUR ORGE
12/10/12 - Festival Pul'son // Vallet
20/10/12 - Festival Crev'la dalle // LE MANS
23/10/12 - Le Bikini // TOULOUSE
26/10/12 - Vibrations Urbaines // BORDEAUX