The three lazy
A king had three sons whom he loved equally well, and did not know which one to appoint as king after his own death.
When the time came to die, has called on his bed and said: "Dear children, I thought of something that I will reveal to you. The one of you is the laziest will become king after me."
The Major said: "Father, then the kingdom belongs to me, I'm so lazy that whenever I go to sleep, and place one falls in my eyes, not even going to close so I can sleep."
The second said: "Father, the kingdom belongs to me, I'm so lazy when I'm sitting by the fire warming myself, I prefer my heels burn up than to pull the legs back."
The third said: "Father, the kingdom is mine, because I'm so lazy that if they were to be hanged and I had the rope around my neck, and someone put in my hand with a sharp knife to cut the rope, I would be hanged Instead of raising your hand to the rope. "
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