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    Bbliografia Schizofrenia

    Ciao a tutti i colleghi! sto frequentando un master in psicodiagnosi e devo fare una tesina per dicembre....avreste da suggerirmi una bibliografia sulla schizofrenia e qualche articolo recente sull' efficacia del trattamento del paziente schizofrenico????

    grazie mille a chi vorrà rispondermi


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    Riferimento: Bbliografia Schizofrenia

    The Silent Revolution in Psychoanalysis: Hyman Spotnitz and the Reversibility of Schizophrenia. By: SHEPHERD, MARY. Modern Psychoanalysis, 2008, Vol. 33 Issue 2, p3-22, 20p Abstract: Based on an interview with Hyman Spotnitz in 1998 as well as his published work, this paper traces the development and formulation of Spotnitz's ideas regarding schizophrenia and the narcissitic transference-countertransference. The author proposes that Spotnitz's discoveries and treatment approach and techniques represent a new paradigm in psychoanalysis. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR] (AN 40399478)

    Altering Psychotic Processes: Integrated Psychoanalytic Treatment of a Schizophrenic Patient. By: FOWLER, J. CHRISTOPHER; CELENZA, ANDREA. Modern Psychoanalysis, 2008, Vol. 33 Issue 1, p50-66, 17p Abstract: This paper explores the differential effects of the integrated psychodynamic treatment of a schizophrenic woman. In the initial stage of treatment, supportive interventions including hospitalizations, social skills training, and holding functions were supplied by a day-treatment program, and supportive/expressive interventions to contain anxiety and overstimulation were provided by the therapist. Later in treatment, more extensive expressive interventions were introduced to correspond maximally to the patient's level of functioning. A core psychoanalytic intervention targeted specific hallucinations as expressions of unmodulated affective experiences, while the day-treatment program focused on impulse control and coping skills. The treatment approach resulted in significant improvement in the patient's quality of life and led to fewer suicide attempts and a reduction in the medical cost associated with those attempts. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR] (AN 35619610)
    Argomenti: PSYCHODYNAMIC psychotherapy; SCHIZOPHRENIA; HALLUCINATIONS & illusions; IMPULSE; ADJUSTMENT (Psychology); PSYCHOANALYSIS; WOMEN -- Mental health
    Database: Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection

    Working through Silence with a Schizophrenic Woman. By: VACCARO, ANNETTE. Modern Psychoanalysis, 2008, Vol. 33 Issue 1, p142-156, 15p Abstract: The psychoanalytic literature regarding the meaning of silence in the analytic session as well as ways to understand and resolve resistance to talking is reviewed. A detailed case study illustrates the application of modern psychoanalytic techniques and interventions in work with a preverbal schizophrenic patient. The therapist's resolution of her countertransference resistances allowed her to experience feelings present in the silence and to become more aware of the patient's nonverbal communications. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR] (AN 35619614)
    Database: Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection

    Se mi mandi un tuo indirizzo di posta, ti invio un po' di articoli.

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